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Following online course are offered:

  1. Academic English Level course
  2. BEC-Business English Certificate course
  3. TOEFL iBT Qualification Certificate course
  4. Master in Literature and Arts Certificate course

All these course are provided with an online tutor in the individual or group class forms. Basic plan is a monthly tuition fee although an applicant can opt for weekly or daily plans. The classes are online via ZOOM or Skype capabilities depending on the preference of an individual trainee or a group. Tuition fees also are quoted accordingly.

Teaching materials are provided in the form of the downloadable software packages access to which can have each of the registered and signed in trainee.

The courses have quite flexible schedule and can be a group training  and individual one as well. The prescreening of every trainee includes level test, personal online interview, in order to recommend training frequency, duration, materials and many other aspects required to ensure successful outcome and effective learning. Flexibility also is included in pricing policies depending on above mentioned criteria.

We launched the digital version of the courses several years ago. In the beginning lack of advanced technological tools, limited access to resources and insufficient knowledge subsequently led to first modest attempts to create a handy tool for trainees and trainers. Endeavors to modify and upgrade the software have never been abandoned and the presented one is the latest version. The software contains most of the resources trainees or teacher trainers might have needed to succeed. The software compiles digital versions of the course materials, interactive multimedia, additional supporting stuff and much more that every friendly with a computer person would need. However, we do not stop on the achieved and still keep on working on upgrading the version to deliver easiest ever software for teaching and learning. We do hope that you will find this software and courses itself useful and praiseworthy.

The compilations include hundreds of materials, books, audio and video files which are being integrated into the teaching and learning processes. The resources are arranged in a way that respond to the compatibility for each level. Our partner and franchisee websites are always at our trainees' fingertips to further their studies. There is also a 6-month language learning sessions arranged in USA, Canada and Azerbaijan .

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